In the age of globalization, the world is moving closer together while the universe is actually expanding. Boundless flow of information, merging cultures and joint responsibility for the future are like locks we need to find keys for.

Every home has its own unique key for their front door. We, as "key makers", should always consider local uniqueness before making a new key that we expect to open the locker full of innovative solutions for 21st century problems.

Socially and environmentally friendly behavoiur requires better understanding of the relationships between consuption, lifestyles and working habits of the northen and southern countries.

Our project will share the "NorLtic" sustainable ways of living that merges lifestyles and innovative solutions from Northen Europe and Baltic schools. Sharing is caring!

We welcome you to join us in this journey to find The Key for your home, school or office to go more CO2 - free.


"When you look at me, then I can C-YOU-TOO!"